We’II kill you – Unknown persons threaten Fire Service PRO


    Public Relations Officer of Ghana National Fire Service, Prince Billy Anaglatey has described as unfortunate the threat to shorten his life by some unknown faces.

    Such people have been using the availability of social media platforms to disseminate information to the latter on various occasions.

    They claim in addition to his duties to serve society, he descends into the personal affairs of Dr. Albert Brown Gaizie, the erstwhile Chief Fire Officer.

    Per the messages he receives, he defends the C.F.O. to stay at post when he was not to. Anaglatey thinks those behind the act are people who hate fairness and his ability to have worked humbly with successive chief fire officers which he promise to do with any boss appointed for him including the current one.

    The threat messages to gun him down started coming to him about a year ago at which time the then chief fire officer, Dr. Brown Gaizie accompanied him to file a complaint with the police service and the BNI. He said none of these numerous threats pushes him because he might not be the only public servant to suffer such.

    With trust in the security services to carry out vivid investigations, the man under attack by people of fictitious identity says he only tries to give off his best and that he pleads with authorities that be, to have the public educated to understand certain principals so they can stay away from such behavior.??

    Some of the messages sent to him and intercepted by read:

    ‘’If you think you are defending and telling lies is your hobby then we will be left with no option than to pour acid on you because idiot like you does not deserve to be living among us in this society.#f*****f***’’ Another one read: ‘’have you seen how st**** you look now?You refused to listen to advice. And the fly that refuse to listen to advice follows the corps to the grave…#Shame NOTE: Messages published as sent to the fire officer and unedited.