Former Member of Parliament (MP) for La Dadekotopon, Nii Amasah Namoale, has threatened the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) will make Ghana ungovernable if the NDC loses the 2020 elections with the new voters register.

According to him, the party cannot trust the EC to compile a new credible voters register hence their insistence that the institution drop the idea.

To him, since they don’t trust the commission, they believe the contents of the new register will be flawed.

“If the EC creates a new register of voters and the NDC loses the 2020 elections, we will demonstrate and demonstrate and make Ghana come to a standstill,” he said on Accra FM on Monday.

The NDC has voiced out their opposition against the compilation of a new voters register by the EC.

The party has since taken to the streets to demonstrate to demand that the EC rescinds the decision but the EC insists it will never drop that decision.

Members of the party and other minority parties are currently demonstrating in Kumasi against the compilation of the new voters register.

Source: Ghana | GhanaNewsPage.Com