The leadership of pro-NPP Vigilante Groups in the Northern part of the country has promised to dissolve groups.

The pledge was made to a delegation from the party led by its National Organiser, Sammy Awuku after a series of meetings with them.

Speaking at the press conference to wrap up the tour, Mr. Awuku explained that he was acting upon instructions from the party’s national chairman, Mr. Freddy Blay and that of president Akufo-Addo, “to also engage our party folks, the vibrant youth and the many youth groups, opinion leaders spread across the five regions up north”, as part of the NPP’s genuine commitment to discourage activities of political party vigilantes.

Awuku said the mission of the regional engagements was to help bring down the “tension” and “pressure” in the country caused by the continued media spotlight on issues of political party vigilantism ahead of the 2020 elections.

He described activities of these political vigilantes as “unfortunate situation” and called for unconditional efforts from stakeholders, particularly the NDC party, to nib the growing national threat [vigilantism] in the bud.

He added: “NPP hasn’t played ostrich about the issue of political vigilantism, admitting that the party have had some of its groups engaged in politically motivated violence.”

“We in the NPP will do our part, and that’s why we’ve been in the north over the past six days engaging the various groups. Yesterday, we had the opportunity of engaging members and the leadership of the Kandahar members and the leadership of the invincible Forces. We did same in the Upper East – where we engaged members of the Rock and members of the Invincible in the Upper West.

“And our gentlemen and our men, they also see reason with Mr. President and see reason with the NPP leadership; and they’ve also resolved not to be aggressive. They’ve also resolved to also cooperate with party leadership, so we can eliminate this politically affiliated violence during by-elections and general elections”.