Dr Hassan Ayariga has asked electoral commission to cancel second round election in Ghana.

According to the leader of All People’s Congress (APC), the cancellation of the second round will save Ghana a lot of money.

“Most of the people do not want to vote in the second round because they believe if they vote, they are wasting it for the minority party because they cannot win.

Dr Ayariga speaking on State Of The Nation, Wednesday 18th September, 2019 monitored by GhanaNewsPage.com said,  because the two major parties had ruled over the years and have resources from the government, they have been able to build their parties with vote buying.

“What is lacking in other minority parties is the resource because we have turned this country into vote buying instead of a political party with ideas, policies and vision. Ghanaians now vote because you give them money”

This allegation of monetary influence in elections, if ascertained to be true infringes on the Representation of the Peoples Law, PNDC law 284.

For instance, Section 34 of the Treating reads;

A person commits the offence of treating-

(a) if he corruptly either himself or through another person, before, during or after an election gives or provides or pays wholly or in part the expenses of giving or providing meat, drink, entertainment or provision to or for any person-

(i) for the purpose of corruptly influencing that person or another person to vote or refrain from voting; or

(ii) on account of that person or another person having voted or refrained from voting or being about to vote or refrain from voting; or

(b) if he corruptly accepts or takes any meat, drink, entertainment or provision offered in the circumstances and for the purposes mentioned in paragraph (a) of this section.

Responding to the vote buying in elections, the vociferous and fearless politician said the amendment of the constitution  will give more room to minority parties and majority parties to negotiate and form a government.

“We have actually destroyed the voting pattern which making difficult for the minority to grow so that’s why am saying we should have a system where no more second round all the parties should go first round.

You vote you get 20%, 30%, negotiate with the minority party to get 50+1.

“If we are able to amend the constitution to give room to minority parties and majority parties to negotiate and form a government, we would have a better system of governance in the future…he said.

Source: Ghana | GhanaNewsPage.com | William Kabutey Dosoo


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