What to do when you suspect a gas leak in the kitchen

    Gas leak in a house is something that should not be joked with.

    • Open the windows and/or door for proper ventilation  

    Once you smell gas anywhere in your home, do well to open the windows or doors to allow in fresh air and to take out the smell of gas.

    • Do not light a match or candle. Avoid naked flames

    Even if it’s a faint smell of gas, ensure there is no naked flame around you, especially where you smell the gas the most. Also, do not turn any light switches or anything that can cause a spark on or off.

    • Turn off the gas 

    Turn off the gas at the mains tap using the valve or handle near the regulator.

    • Step away from the house for a while

    Evacuate or step away from the house for a short while. While you do that, make sure to call a local gas station or the Ghana National Gas Company Ltd for further instructions on what to do.



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