Which ‘broke’ country wants to buy a new jet – A Plus to government

    Outspoken hiplife artist, Kwame Asare Obeng, popularly known as A Plus, has questioned the rationale behind government’s plan to buy a new jet for the president.

    Asare Obeng said even though the leaders of the country know that Ghana is broke, they are keen on living extravagantly.

    “Which broke country wants to buy a new jet?” he asked in a video he shared on Facebook.

    “You know you do not have money; you are looking for money from people, your lifestyle, your attitude is what is going to get people to give you the money,” he added.

    A Plus further stated the government, even though it knew the economy was struggling due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, still went on with some projects that were not urgently needed.

    “You are aware that the economy is struggling because of COVID but you have to organise population and housing census by force because it is somebody’s contract, somebody must ‘chop’ some money,” he said

    According to him, the main reason the country was facing economic challenges was because of government’s huge expenditure.

    He said the ministries in the country were too much given the number of people in the country.

    “One small country; minister for roads, minister for aviation, minister for highways, minister for railways, minister for fisheries, minister for crops, CID, BNI, EOCO…”

    On the E-Levy, A Plus said when the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government introduced the Talk tax, it was vehemently rejected by the this current New Patriotic Party administration but now they want to tax poor people sending money to their villages.

    “I support E-Levy, I do not want the economy to collapse but you people must own up, you people must humble yourselves and listen,” he noted.

    “When you talk, your own people, the same people that were waking you up at dawn to talk about John Mahama, they get anry, they just want people that will tell them what they want to hear,” he said



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