Whoever Brought #FixTheCountry, Do You Want To Bring War? – Shatta Wale Quizzes And Bash #FixTheCountry

    For sometime now the #fixthecountry protest and campaign has been going on, as citizens fight for their right to better development and stable economy.

    Yesterday the Ejura incident where some protesters were gunned down, lead to many netizens speaking their minds on social media.

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    Shatta Wale made a series of posts yesterday, discrediting the #fixthecountry protest. The dancehall act felt the citizens needed to do more than just ranting on social media.

    In a latest post the dance act quizzed whether the one who started the #fixthecountry protest wanted to bring war to Ghana.

    He wrote, “It’s not fix the country

    It’s #Youcandobetter

    To encourage them to be rapid in their doings.

    Whoever start this fix ting dierrrr ,why you want bring war

    Cuz Twitter people can fight on the streets ooo



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