Why Choose LGBT Colours for Your Wedding? – KOD Drills Naa Dromo Korankye Ankrah

    Radio presenter Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD) has taken a swipe at the daughter of Sam Korankye Ankrah, Naa Dromo, for using pride LGBT colours for her wedding.

    KOD took to social media in shock over Naa Dromo’s choice of rainbow colours for her wedding decor – he says they represent the LGBT community!

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    KOD expressed his total and utter shock in a comment under a post of photos from Dromo’s wedding.

    As we reported last week, Naa Dromo Korankye Ankrah, daughter of the Ghanaian pastor and founder of the Royal House Chapel International, Sam Korankye Ankrah, got married to her sweetheart.

    They held their traditional wedding during the week with the white wedding following on the weekend.

    A notable eye catching spectacle, their wedding was a mega one as you can expect from the kids of the rich and powerful.

    Their rainbow colour theme for their reception also drew attention.

    naa dromo wedding

    The rainbow colours have been around for eternity but in recent times have come to represent LGBT pride.

    That made KOD to express amazement that Naa Dromo used that.

    After spotting photos from the reception, he went to comment.

    ““The colours,” he wrote, adding the amazed eyes emoji.

    Nathaniel Attoh quickly came to comment to try and set the record straight.

    “Rainbow colours. The bride’s choice of colours for their wedding since childhood. Apostle Sam Korankye Ankrah took time to explain it after the church ceremony. That these RAINBOW colours existed way before LGBT adopted it as a symbol of identity which is a fact,” he replied.

    As we know very well, in this country no one wants to be associated to the LGBT.

    People would associate themselves with crooked politicians but mention LGBT and all hell would break loose.

    Congratulations to Naa Dromo for her wedding and KOD for doing ‘looking faces’.

    Colours are colours – I don’t see how anyone associates a simple wedding theme of a pastor’s daughter to LGBT pride colours.



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