When a guy is poised to have sex and he is being delayed , the walls of the brain secretes a neuro – chemical called Hysteria.

This enzyme actively begins to take control of his reasoning nerves ( when I talk about reasoning nerves, I practically mean his sense of positive thinking , his ability to switch in between decisions).

We Psychologists call it your analysis/paralysis.

Hysteria can cover up to 70 – 80% of your reasoning nerves and can even take more depending on his sexual appetite, rendering him in capable of making logic decisions.

On that note he is only thinking with just 20 – 30% of his entire mental state and this is equivalent to a teenager of 16 – 17 years.

At this point he is more less in state of trance , that’s where the problems start, on his subconscious mental state he begins to make decisions which are irrelevant; most often making promises he can’t keep, some do beg, others even cry.

Ladies this is the fine time to make your demands , if only he is capable of delivery. But be careful on the delay strategy.

If he grows impatient he may be forced to improvise. He may abduct violent means which may lead to rape or defilement.

This may all happen on his subconscious mental state. But the very moment he gets access to the pussy and he releases then that’s it.

Within a split seconds he regains his full mentality. On this state , he is back to the man that he was.

Source: Anonymous