Woman bites father-in-law’s private part for settling fight


    One of his grandchildren informed him that his daughter-in-law was fighting with another lady from a nearby market.

    He immediately rushed to the scene in an attempt to resolve the altercation but was met with objection and decided to turn back without further effort.

    No sooner had he turned back, than Evelyn followed him and hit him with a stone. He fell unconscious and the lady sat on him biting his chest.

    Attempts by the old man to push her away turned futile as she moved back and bit his private parts.

    “As I was going back, it seems the lady was angry so she threw a stone at me and struck the backside of my head. She then proceeded to bite my manhood,” he explained.

    Following the incident, angry residents who arrived at the scene gave the lady and her husband a thorough beating before taking the elderly man for treatment.

    Wekesa said his wife is prone to violence and has often allegedly even threatened to k!ll him and his daughter.

    Police are in hot pursuit of the suspect who has since gone into hiding.