‘Women are not only good cooks’ – Eno Barony

    Female rapper, Ruth Eno Amankwah Nyame Adom, known in the showbiz industry as Eno Barony, has called on Ghanaians to stop seeing young women as vessels that are good in the kitchen and the bedroom.

    The outstanding female rapper at launch of ‘Women Lead’ encouraged all young women to focus on building their dreams rather than living on the notion that women are for just cooking.

    “We need to fight forward to achieve whatever we want,” she remarked.

    The launch was organized by Advocacy for Women into Power seeking to support all women who are contesting in the 2020 General Elections in Ghana.

    The organization called on all women groups, associations, organizations, corporate bodies and individuals to support women in this critical time.

    The launch also witnessed most of Ghana’s vitreous women such as Gifty Anti, Kozie Akosua Manu, Abena Dugan, Maame Ama Pratt and her Royal Highness, Naa Klokai Densua IV coming together despite their political colours having a great conversation on how in each capacity will be able to help support women to be at the top.

    Barony has most at times disclosed in several interviews that her focus is to use her music to empower women and help address the issue of sex for grades, works and jobs.

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