Woyome goons threaten Allotey Jacobs


    The Central Region Chair of the opposition National Democratic Congress is alleging threats on his life sponsored and perpetrated by the embattled financier of the party and his goons.

    Allotey Jacobs claims he had received tonnes of threatening messages from supporters of Alfred Agbesi Woyome most of whom are in the Volta Region.

    According to him, Woyome and his supporters have triggered what appears to be a Central Region versus Volta Region war all because of his (Jacobs’) relentless criticism of the manner in which the businessman was awarded a sum of ¢51 million under the late John Atta Mills/Mahama administration.

    The politician said this on Peace FM’s morning show programme Kokrookoo, Wednesday.

    The easy-going, outspoken Central Region NDC Chair said he was unfazed by the threats of attack because he has God as his shield and buckler and will fear no man.

    Even though cannot independently confirm the threats, host of Kokrookoo, Kwame Sefa Kaye, confirmed seeing the threatening text messages sent to Allotey Jacobs by known functionaries in the party, most of whom are based in the Volta Region.

    Jacobs is however yet to make an official report to the police about the threats on his life.

    He does not understand why anyone will turn this scandal into a Central Region, Volta Region war, insisting the truth is one and the chips will finally fall into place at the end of everything.

    Despite efforts by the New Patriotic Party government to recover the money said to have been wrongfully paid to Alfred Agbesi Woyome in 2010, there are calls to prosecute public officials who supervised the payment of the ¢51 million to him.

    Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako Jnr and Citizen vigilante Martin Amidu who have been waging this relentless crusade cannot understand why the then Attorney-General Betty Mould Iddrisu, and her Deputy Ebo Barton Odro, and other civil servants including Nerquaye Tetteh would be walking free after superintending over what they believe to be a fraudulent transaction.

    Kwaku Baako Jnr is even appalled that Ebo Barton Odro was later elevated to a Deputy Speaker position after superintending over this transaction.
    “That was an insult on our conscience and an assault on our sensibilities and sensitivities,” he said on Kokrookoo, Wednesday.

    The New Crusading Guide newspaper Editor in Chief said it is about time government turned its attention to the missing link, the public officers, some of whom are walking free and even planning to contest for public office.