Yilo Krobo Traditional Council bans Kloyosikplemi festival


    The Yilo Krobo Traditional Council and the Ologo Clan have placed a ban on this year’s celebration of the Kloyosikplemi festival over security concerns.

    The Kloyosikplemi, which means “descending the Krobo mountain”, is an annual festival celebrated in November every year. However, a protracted chieftaincy dispute in Yilo Krobo is threatening peace and security in the area, compelling the authorities to suspend celebrations.

    Deputy Head of the Ologo Clan, one of the clans in the chieftaincy dispute, Devine Tetteh Ologo, tells Class News the move is necessary to avert possible clashes between feuding factions that could lead to loss of lives and property.

    “A young man who is not a royal is carrying himself as the Kono of Yilo Krobo, meanwhile, the case is in court, we are still contesting and they have not ruled on it and he said he is coming to celebrate the Kloyosikplemi festival simply because he forcibly entered the palace and now living there with thugs and land guards guarding him. If the Traditional Council is celebrating and he is also celebrating, it will bring a clash. We value the lives of our indigenes and would not want anybody’s life to be lost or maimed,” he explained.

    According to him, the matter was brought to the attention of the Regional Security Council (REGSEC) who decided the festival should be celebrated indoors “but as part of the Kloyosikplemi festival we have to go out, climb the mountain, visit our ancestral home and perform some customs on top of the mountain. So, to celebrate the festival without going out is a non-starter, so we asked them to put a total ban on it”.