You are more foolish if you insult a man who spends on you – Opanin Kwadwo Kyere


    Renowned marriage counselor, Opanin Kwadwo Kyere has described as foolish, ladies who pride themselves in the fact that men lavish monies on them excessively and describe them as stupid persons who have no use for their money.

    According to him, these ladies are only exhibiting more stupidity than the supposed foolish men or boys because most of these men spend monies at the cost of the lady’s body. They get them pregnant, ask them to abort severally and ultimately cause damage to their wombs and destroy their future.

    Addressing the congregation at a marriage seminar at the Ringway Gosple Church in Accra, Mr. Kwadwo Kyere said:

    “Those who say ‘I’ve got some foolish man who spends on me recklessly, who doesn’t know what to use his money for’, that’s what you say when you girls meet? Well as for us men, we don’t even describe you as foolish, we call you animals”.

    “You are the one who gets pregnant, I the man, do I get pregnant? You have finished university, had four bouts of abortion, 5 years, 10 years in marriage, you can’t give birth, I know I’m the cause of this thing but if at best I don’t divorce you, I’ll get a girlfriend, have a baby by her and bring the child for you to take care of; of the two of us, who is more stupid?” He quizzed.

    He didn’t leave the men out, he took a swipe at men who exploit ladies just because they have money and they know with that they can work their way through to get whatever they want.

    “You describe us as fools, we are not fools, we are wicked! Very wicked! Wickedness at its highest! Foolish, wicked men”, he said.

    Opanin Kwadwo Kyere spoke against pre-marital sex and abortion. He listed them as key factors that account for infertility and barrenness in women and which eventually brings unhappiness in most marriages. He urged the youth to abstain indulging in sex before marriage in the name of ‘enjoying wealth’ and ‘having fun’ at the expense of one’s future and marriage.