You can be successful in Ghana even if Satan is president – Mustapha Hamid


    Minister of information has called on the youth of Ghana to persevere if they wish to remain successful in the country.

    Mustapha Hamid, reacting to the ongoing slave trade in Libya, says the youth in Ghana can succeed “even if the devil is President of Ghana.”

    According to him, the Ghanaian youth need to change their mindset and develop ingenious ways to succeed rather than resolving to travel to Europe with their life-long savings.

    Reports indicate that victims of the dehumanizing practice including Ghanaians, Ethiopians, Sudanese and Nigerians who left their countries to seek greener pastures in Libya, with some using that country as a route through the Mediterranean into Europe.

    So far, about 127 Ghanaians living illegally in the broken state of Libya have returned home.

    The repatriation was supervised by the foreign affairs ministry and the International Migration Organisation (IOM).