You can kill me for speaking the truth, I don’t care – Maurice Ampaw


    A private legal practitioner, Maurice Ampaw has vowed to sacrifice his life to ensure the strict enforcement of our laws.

    The lawyer in an interview with Rainbow Radio 87.5 FM said, illegality is thriving in the country yet when you rise up to defend such illegalities, you are destroyed by people in power. According to him, people come up against you and describe you with different names when we decide to fight for the ordinary Ghanaian.

    ‘’People will begin to victimize you and when you are a lawyer they plan to destroy you. The president of the day and his appointees will come after you, they will destroy you. We are living in an evil Ghana with evil leaders managing the country. I am not talking about the presidency alone but every aspect of leadership including pastors, politicians and others. There are so much evil in the system and those who are evil, are the ones honoured for their evil deeds,’’ the lawyer said.

    The ordinary Ghanaian, he noted can only speak their mind and pressure leadership to do the right thing and as a lawyer, he will not be afraid to continue attacking leaders to do what is lawful.

    He was responding to a question on what Ghanaians can do in terms of enforcing the laws of state and the issue of child beggars.

    The rate of child prostitution, child beggars and other evil vices among children, the lawyer said have increased because systems have failed and are broken.

    ”Citizens cannot enforce the laws; they can only complain and put pressure on those responsible to do it. However, when you do that, you will be victimized and be an anti-society. Evil men are presiding over the state and most of them are in leadership. They will kill everything and destroy everything. Those who rise up and fight for the poor, those who want justice, they will fight you, they will attack you, they will discredit you, and they will go after you. They will make sure you are rendered nobody…But they dare not, they should bring it on; some of us are ready to die and lose our lives. We don’t care. That is our calling… The nation is rewarding evil and the honest people are looked down upon. No wonder the president will do everything to honour their own, and it is not about Nana Addo alone. All governments are praise singers. They honour their own, those who helped them win power; they will honour them, whether they are evil or good,’’ he concluded.