The flagbearer of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG) on Kumasi based Abusua Fm stated explicitly that no Northerner can ever be president of Ghana following President Mahama’s gross failures as president.

In his view, the country is currently not prepared to have another Northerner as President adding former President John Dramani Mahama has blown the chance of people from the North.

Kwame, no northerner will become president least not in the immediate future or the next twenty to thirty years.”

“This is a very bitter truth, but I have said it now. John Mahama got the chance to make a case for the Northerners yet he scattered it with corruption and incompetence.”

”First, Dr. Hilla Limann ascended the presidency and messed up big time, it took over thirty years for John Mahama to also become the next Northerner to be president and he also came to mess up…Kwame, tell me if Ghanaians will vote for another Northerner again,” he charged.

“I met Alban Bagbin in Ireland where he delivered a paper on politics and governance…Kwame, Bagbin’s presentation was a total indictment on Ghanaians and to some extent Africans and I immediately said to myself this man can never be a president with such a mentality,” he revealed.

“This goes to the NPP and any other political party in Ghana. They should be careful fielding a candidate from the north because Mahama has damaged their chances and this will take many years in the very far future before northern politicians can make an attempt for the presidency,” he added.

Kofi Akpaloo added, “John Mahama has caused a lot of damage to the integrity of northern politicians, they are very decent people and they have produced very fine politicians, unfortunately Mahama’s performance has killed their chances for the presidency.”

His comments have incurred the displeasure of some residents of the North who also hit back at him indicating that he may himself never win the position of an assemblyman not alone be president.