Former President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) Diana Hopeson has challenged and called on the current President of the Musician Union of Ghana, Bice Osei Kufuor known in showbiz circles as Obour to stop rating himself as the all-time best president of the Union.

Speaking to Nana Kwesi Asare on Accra based Class FM’s Weekend Entertainment Show dubbed “The Big Show” monitored by, Diana Hopeson called on beefing Gospel Musicians to desist from casting insult at each other and form a united front to enable them propagate the word of God through Music.

“I was saddened when I heard the recent ‘beef’ going on between some of the gospel musicians because I feel there are leaders in the house they could and if they have such differences they could come in and jaw-jaw rather than just airing their views out there.

It’s sad such thing would be done outside especially, we been believers, it is not expected of us. I must say that especially those who are vocal and has been in a bad pit, they have a lot to apologize to the public because we say we are Christians, we need to live as such”

Reacting to Obour’s comment about rating himself as the best President of the Musician Union of Ghana, the Onyame Ye Odomfo singer said, “The current folks should build on what the older folks have done to do better so it has been our desire to get the president that would go beyond where you have gone.

Subjectively, he may say that because he has put in his best, but it is only those spectators who can see the best player. I will rate him 80% because there were outstanding things that I couldn’t do during my time and laid down the foundation and I expected that within 8 years he could have done but he couldn’t”

Source: Ghana | | William Kabutey Dosoo