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Zion Paul spends her Birthday with Motherless Children’s Home


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The Internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, Zion Paul, who is also the Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of the Zion Paul Foundation, on Wednesday August 21, 2019 marked another milestone in her life – her birthday, but it was without a fanfare. Instead, she chose an unusual philanthropic gesture – to celebrate her cherished day with the Motherless Children’s Home in Lagos.

Paul who is also a strong advocate for the underprivileged and widows in Africa said her decision to spend quality time with the charity home is to demonstrate her passion for the Peace and Security of the less fortunate in society and that is what also informed the donation she made to them.

In an interview with ghananewsonline.com.gh, she called on governments across Africa to create a Ministry which would be responsible for Widows and Street Children in their various countries and prioritize their security and protection.

“These class of people should form the bedrock of human capital generation on our continent,” she stated, while expressing the hope that other philanthropists and non-governmental organizations would also lend support to that category of people.

Zion Paul has plans to embark on an international mission to sensitize the various Heads of governments on this issue.

To begin with, she is planning a West African tour to project her very passionate work for humanity. She believes life is a stage for humanity and the little we could do as individuals is to lend support to each other, especially the under privileged.

Asked of her personal source of motivation for this philanthropic work, Zion Paul was poetic and philosophical in her response.

Human Can Not Do Without Being Human

That makes one human real is another human, only a person can raise another from where they fall, raise them then exalt them.

If we do not try to thrive for humanity, if we do not try to laugh with them or suffer for them, how can we say we are living?

In the world where human rights are still on the way in the name of establishing personal authority or gainly difference, personal benefits or hidden agendas sharing the suffering of humanity is so difficult to bear.

Inspire of anything, let us take a step together today shouldn’t we?

Let us walk towards when our hearts lead us, even if it ends us with loneliness and being misunderstood

Let us promise ourselves not to be alien to anything humanity so that others may live

Let us dispose off our burdens and be the common person, because being human in anyway means being common

Let us step out of our narrow thoughts, of our suffering, let us bring down the wells of super eagles

Let us draw a new atlas of love, extending from one human being to another

Let us draw our humanity with the atlas of compassion

When the lights go off, being human should not be a shame to anyone

Let us see the real sowers of the problems and alleviate the unrest of over time, in giving ear to the voice of our conscience

Let us put everything into proper place

Let us not religiourize ideology or ideologize religions

Let us not undo the ropes extended to us from the heavens. The rope of loving human kind without expecting a return

Let us not treat each other, like human being whom to God almighty swears about us in his love

Let us put down, the century and taboos which made ones hands tired, corrections, narrow mindedness and fears

Let us abandon them all and this fine, let his embrace people if we are definite to break something

Let us break stores which harden hears as narrow horizons

Life is a stage for humanity without waiting for someone else, let us personally play a considerable role

Let us not lose our ability to see injustice

Evacuate cities, force migrations, murders, Famine and poverties

Let us see the humanity is victimized by dirty war

Let us realize what is going on

Let us realize so there humanity will not be drifted with temporary beliefs so there they will not lose time with seeking excuses for this mess

Let us not bite our lips this time

Let’s us say stop to those who will seek their heartless happiness in the tragedy of the other

Let our sight not be blurred

Let not lose our lives behind blue glasses

Let not selfhood, identity and name not overshadow the love you have to feel for humanity

Let us live, sell and share, let us be someone like a compassionate and curious child who cares for other children, so they can grow up

Let us love the created because of the creator

Let us make humanity live before he disappears from the stage of life

Let us offer water of life with an idea to make stars live for humanity who is about to lose the joy of life to lose eagerness and hope to make it more beautiful

Nor “selfhood “for another person but to let humanity live

Source: ghananewsonline.com.gh


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